Clutch Issue

bd asz

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Lost my clutch last time out and thought it was just a ball and ramp issue "BUT" when putting things back together, my push rod slides in and hits nothing? Even with the Ball and ramp cover plate removed, the push rod will slide in all the way to the threads and not hit anything? What Happened?
Any suggestions or advice before I tear this thing apart?
Thank you

Jersey Big Mike

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Yeah, when my throw out bearing went it took the clutch with it.

Bandit Machine Works makes a nice replacement setup for BDM if you need to replace everything.

bd asz

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You guys were right--throw-out bearing. Ordered a new one from Baker for $7. Also ordered a new push rod just for the heck of it. Actually, they had everything including new gaskets--thank you guy for the advice--this was the best possible scenario.