Capt America


I would like to give a great big thanks to Capt America (Curtis) and Wild Steed and Worx & Services for all the help i have been given in getting my bike back together and on the road again after it was stolen. there was a lot of problems sorting this out as i am in New Zealand and the Capt is in the USA it meant a lot of emails back and forth but we got there. And probably the best thing i did was on advice from Capt i installed a RIP Kit harness and it great had a few problems setting it up now there all sorted im really happy with it, and the turn signals cancel after a set time which is fantastic as the PDM harness did not have this feature and many a time i left then on just to confuse other drivers lol. any way Capt me and my family will be over for a holiday in agust for three weeks and it would be nice to catch up and have a beer mate, thanks so very much all of your time and help has been very appreciated and i now tell anyone who is looking for parts to head over to Wild Steed & Worx many thanks and the very best of regards and wishes to you and all of your family.



I know what your talking about Dave Im in Australia and Curtis has helped me heaps and he is so easy to deal with never a problem
Cheers Curtis