Button size for 05 Ridgeback?


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I looked in here, didn't see exactly what I was looking for. I need to replace the buttons on my brake discs. I was told that Brembo discs use 5mm buttons. The person I found (with an awesome price!) has a no return policy. I don't want to wait until tomorrow to call the BDM shop. Im not exactly sure where to measure on my buttons to see what size they are.

Do I have Brembo discs? If so, do I use 5mm buttons or another size.
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QTM has them. 714-575-5000 ext. 210 (Tara). They are the makers/sellers of the original and have quick turn around. I had mine in less than 3 days after ordering, fit perfecft and did tighten up the disc very noticably.


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Already found that and have been watching it. However, the ad says "with Brembo rotors". That's where my concern is. Ill call Tampa BDM and ask Travis just to be sure.
Thanks to both of you for your help.


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I purchased the buttons from ebay (bigdogpartskingpin). They were $50 for a full set of 10 buttons (30 pieces total). I called the number on the parts ad and spoke to Donna. She answered all my questions and assured me that these would fit my scooter. I purchased 2 sets of the black ones just to be different. I haven't mounted them yet but they look exactly like the OEM parts. Hope this helps.


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can anyone tell me what buttons they used on the 2002 mastiff, the newer style won't fit my year?
02 had solid rotors. If you have floating rotors on your 02 it was aftermarket so you might need to find the manufacturer of that rotor.

Might be cheaper to get a new one a Harley rotor will fit and I see them for $100 on eBay frequently

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hey thanks for the reply, i would like to stay with the original carriers that match the wheels but cannot find a button kit that fits. The newer style buttons fall through the hole, someone said they thought prior to 2003 or 2004 they used a Harley rotor but i cannot find anyone who lists buttons for the early Harley floating rotors!! the early Harley rotors do look similar to what i have on the bike.