Bulldog Bagger Front Suspension


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When I'm running on the highway about 75-80 the front end seems to bounce when going around a curve. Has anyone know or done any upgrades to the front suspension to improve the handling or maintenance suggestions.


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I toured on my Bagger a couple of times and had the same thing happen. A kind of mild and steady pulsing. I found that it was related to weight on the rear—full saddlebags (what the little Bagger bags hold) and a luggage rack. I did have a bit of weight in the duffel on the luggage rack, and it is behind the rear axle, so I’m sure the effects on suspension are increased (as opposed to weight directly over the rear axle). When I removed the duffel and emptied the saddlebags, the pulsing went away.


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I had a bad rear tire create an issue like this before, so ensure tires are in good shape.

also, maybe , check or change the fork oil.

my mastiff is very stable