BIkers Blues and BBQ -- Party at the Farm 2021

Energy One
YET. Things change over night. Hard to tell what the new government might try.
I totally thought our idiot Governor Here in LA Friday was going to drop us back to phase 1. I think the only reason he didn’t was due to photos of him at his Baton Rouge country club shaking hands in a fully packed dining room and nobody had a mask on ! He got caught again : do what I say .....not as I do!

Jersey Big Mike

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We have the May Gathering there first. Waiting on Dave to give us a date on that then we can worry about bikes and blues
Well since it has been tradionally based as the same dates as BB&BBQ then it would be September 22-25, 2021
Of course, we don't really care about the BB&BBQ at this point! And a week before or after might be better/cheaper for hotels for those of us that don't tow a small version of our house with us -- you know, those of us that RIDE!


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Will finish Job in June next year - maybe get time to come over - all is in Gods Hand.
Planning long forward is in moment not to realize - shit comes quick an destroys long time planning.
We will see whats goin on.....
Have come over in my mind.