BigDog Shock Studs


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Hey Eric. Well it took a bit, but I did find the shock stud I need. BigDog part # 2022-2LHEX UPR Shock Hex Studs. I had to buy it/ them in a Lot of 17 pairs. So I am going to keep 3 pairs and have them chromed. Not sure if you might be interested in a few sets for your shop. You never know when some knucklehead like me is going to need one. Obviously you were the 1st person I contacted when I broke it. Lmk. Mick25E38DDF-CB1E-4B0C-A5C2-C90AA7A08AB9.jpegDB2C72CD-F976-42B3-A05E-7EB626365D21.jpeg
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