bigdog 2005 chopper bdm model


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look between the rear wheel and motor from the bottom. you should see two shocks unless you have a ridged, then you ass should be able to tell.


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Im told that i have hidden shocks. But i've looked over the bike and dont see any. So am i a softail or hardtail? anyone know?
If you really have an '05 Chopper, it's a softail. You can also look down below your seat half way down on frame and see a pivot shaft bolt for the swingarm.
Rear shocks are tucked up under transmission, black in color and are not adjustable on that year.


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Hidden shocks

Similar, yours are black, not chrome as pictured.

Looking up underneath and between the frame rails.



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Mate i was told you may have images of inverted fork setup for bulldog 05 if possible could you please send me a copy cheers