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Want to say a big Thank You to Mastiff Dave and everyone that made this weekend possible :)
I had the time of my life and Cinde did too, made a bunch of new friends, did some awesome riding and just generally had a great time.
Dave and Buffy thank you for making us feel at home, you guys are the best :chopper:

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Yowza—Blacktopper and I had a ball, and we were only there on Saturday for cinnamon rolls at Dave’s and the ride south on the Pig Trail. Very little traffic compared to BBBBQ rides, and the weather was super.


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Thank you Robert and so glad that you had a great time and hope to see you guys for bbbq. I need to thank everyone for helping out to make it a great group event. Jonathon for bringing the mudbugs , mrs Wright for her great cinnamon rolls and breakfast. Shane’s great gift on the ride. Roberts great taste in alcohol..
Really, it’s nice when everyone just helps out but doesn’t keep score so thanks to everyone of you that attended from me and the farm.