Big Dog Ridgeback SideCar Build


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As some of you know from about a year and a half ago I almost sold my Dog that I had bought new in 2005 in exchange to help pay for adoption of a new born baby boy.

Well I didn't and just couldn't let it go. But I hardly ever ride it any more. Especially now with the little one.

Well my new project that I've just started researching in the last week is going to be a Side Car build for my Ridgeback. Is going to be a slow project that hopefully I'll have finished in the next 2-3 years. Hopefully will have the design finished up in the next week or so with getting a body or used side car bought in the next week. Then I'll be looking for a matching front wheel and front fender to what is on my bike. hopefully have all the parts and frame built by end of next year. Then bodywork and paint the 2nd year. Below is my Ridgeback and also pics of the SideCar body I'm currently in talks of buying locally.



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That is some serious craftsmanship there, Amigo. Good job of amazing it your own.


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I wonder how it will handle with the long front end on these bikes. Interesting for sure:oldthumbsup:


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Im interested to see this....thoughts have went thru my head of this idea but never got serious about excited to see this as it progresses