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Will need a new battery for my 08 k9 soon. Will any 12v bike battery work that fits in the box. Maybe an easy to get harley battery? Want a battery. that will not damage my electrical system.

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I know on my Mastiff and Bulldog bagger they use the same battery, not sure about your k9 tho. But I wouldn't trust just any old bike battery. I've heard and read horror stories on this forum site from ppl using cheap batteries and also from using expensive ones supposedly rated at 550 cca. Ican tell you that I have used drag specialties batteries and usually get about a year to 2 years out of them on the Mastiff but I'm not one to use a trickle charger everytime the bike is parked either, but the bagger bulldog i do use the trickle charger everytime its parked because if not within a week the battery is so weak it wont start the bike. the difference between the 2 ones carb and the other fuel injected with a radio that has the memory wire connected. But mine use a group 20 series battery and the last one i bought was a Duracell 310 cca for both bikes from batteries plus for I think about 125 bucks and it seems to be doing a great job so far.


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I've had DEKA, Big Boar, Interstate....

The best AGM battery made Right now are the Duracell bike batteries. Made in USA by one of the best battery builders. I'm on almost 4 years and it cranks like new. Best damn battery Ive ever had. I thought the Big Boar batteries were the longest lasting but this beats it.

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A problem a lot of owners don't realize is, if you need to crank the engine for above average time, the heat generated will make the connected wire(terminal) loose. A loose terminal will melt the lead post. Another reason to use a battery with solid lead posts.


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Thanks for the info!
Batteries Plus, here in El Paso has the (Duracell Ultra 20HL-BS 12V 310CCA AGM) in stock.
Should be a correct battery.
My point was it’s also a Deka (made by Penn manufacturing)

Duracell, batteries plus, Harley etc do not produce batteries.

They are just rebranding them with a sticker and marking them up.

Same exact battery.

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Duracell batteries are now made in China. No longer are manufactured by Penn. I was told due to the raising of American made product.

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