Avon cobra chrome


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BA7A0580-3E12-4E23-9D19-E8818F74AFDA.jpeg Just put on a new Avon cobra chrome Front tire.
Just wondering if anyone’s running the rear Cobra chrome 330/30-R17 87V yet.
Curious of how it fits the contour of the rear fender the side wall looks taller in the picture than the venom did.


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250 is no different than the old cobra as far as sidewalls go...to be honest tread design looks way different in the pics but not as much in person cause i just put a new 250 on my silver bike couple months ago...so i would say probably 330 is no different either
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Jersey Big Mike

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the 300 rear cobra chrome is great -- bike corners better than any other tire I've had on here. Better than the original avon, metzler or shinko.
I've got a front and rear set installed and have several hundred miles on them already and am very pleased.