2010 Red Bagger on Facebook Marketplace


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I saw this and thought I would post it. This guy says he is selling it for a terminally ill friend. Its in Garden City Michigan and I saw it for sale last year also.

22k miles and he is asking $15,500. I saw it on Craigslist last year for about 13k so you might be able to negotiate. I do not know this person.

2010 Red Bagger.jpg


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Beautiful bike....i was at 41bigdawgs house weekend before last and saw his....i never saw one in person before but let me tell ya i really like those bikes...wished my pockets wasnt touching or i be owning one...


I saw a Black one up in Rockford, IL when they first came out, it was either $32k or $37k can't remember that far back but man I sure liked the looks of the Big Dog Bagger