2007 Chopper for sale

Energy One


2007 Big Dog Chopper. $13,800. Candy apple red. 5,050 miles. Original owner- purchased from Carl’s Speed Shop in Daytona. I’ve done a ton to this bike. Here is a list off the top of my head:
- Brand new cylinders and heads. I didn’t like the powder coating on the last set, so I bought brand new ones from Derek and Donna.
- head work done this year by the guru John Sachs
- Diamond cut cylinders and heads
- .600 cam upgrade
- Diamond cut oil cooler
- Diamond cut stash tube
- S&S Dual Runner Induction with diamond cut D&M bullet air cleaners
- Dakota Digital Speedo
- Sissy bar, luggage rack, touring bag
- 2.5” extensions
- Tribal everything
All in the last 2-6 months:
- New front and rear tires
- New forks
- New visor headlight housing and headlight
- New starter
I might be forgetting a few things. Mick Morris has been gracious enough to help me with this bike- I’m sure he would be happy to independently answer any questions. Anyone on this 67795731754__CAE77EC2-C3B1-4AAD-A94B-800FD6536F12.jpeg72237710523__8C4F126E-7700-49DB-AAB3-1D493C89DC53.jpeg72237708255__D4186EAD-B209-497F-B684-0349B70CE043.jpeg72237707314__96741DD7-A4FF-4408-8368-66710DAC48FC.jpeg72237705463__F355ACA0-9CA6-42B4-AC49-F06F3441C0FF.jpegforum knows Mick is the real deal.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Thanks, Chad


Clean machine Dude…..and if you have both Mick and Mr. Sachs invlved, the sale should go well for both ypu and the lucky buyer. Do you happen to have he original takeoff parts (pegs, shift levers, etc)?
SKOGDOG, I do have the original pegs, shift levers, original cam, etc. I think the only thing I don’t have is the original exhaust and speedo.