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2004 Ridgeback - BDB Forum price is $7400

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2004 Big Dog Ridgeback
odometer: 11300
VIN: 5J11RBJ144W000311
title status: clean
Mileage will increase slightly since I take it out for exercise on the highway once per week but it's no longer my daily rider since they botched the 395 express lanes and I'm too old to be riding a hard tail chopper on crappy roads which is the reason I'm selling. I never let the bike sit, even in the middle of winter I'll find a day each week to take it out on the highway.
Willing to discuss trading for an 03 BDM chopper with black, white, or grey/silver frame.
Bike is fast, smooth shifting (including back and forth to/from neutral while engine's running), and in excellent condition. No loose cables, no play in the levers.
Speedometer sometimes doesn't work but RPM gauge always works.
Slight scratches on clearcoat but can only tell when up close.
Right handgrip has some peeling chrome.
Small section of the exhaust is dull since it keeps burning holes in my pants and by the time the material burns off the exhaust, another pair of pants has touched it.
107ci (1753cc) S&S engine with S&S tops.
6 Speed Baker.
Open primary with pants guard cover.
Medusta exhaust (Youtube "Q_yjX6kUCWU" to hear it).
Trumpet style air horn (Youtube "SS94lUGzDLg" to hear it).
Oil temperature gauge dipstick.
Speed Bleeder Front brake caliper drain plug.
Comes with both stock mirrors and skinny mirrors (shown in last pic).
New 250 rear tire pre-filled with Ride-On puncture sealant in August.
New battery in August.
New Fork seals and fork fluid in September.
New front brake master cylinder piston in September.
New Rectifier in August.
Aluminum gas cap threading upgrade (to solve common stuck gas cap issue on Big Dogs).
Witness marks on Critical bolts have witness marks.
Ignition bypass (have key and key module if you want to reinstall but no one around here will know how to start this bike so enjoy the hassle-free convenience).
No rust.
Yearly fluid changes.
Helmet lock.
Comes with a battery tender, helmet, and passenger helmet.



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Good looking bike, and price is right. I have the chopper you are after, but really like my bike. Good luck on the sale.


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Always liked your Ridge, should sell quickly.


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Friend is looking for Pitbull, but hey, Ridge is most beautiful of them all
I’m m sitting in the plane over Atlantic on my way to Finland and my friend is sitting in plane on his way from Finland to Thailand. Sending pics to him doesn’t seem to work too well