2 into 1 big radius

Energy One


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I’m going to put new exhaust on my 2007 K9. Please give advice, pros, cons on the systems anyone who’s has upgraded. I do want 2 into 1 big radius and of course don’t want performance jeopardized, but (yes I’m a girl)
looks for me are the biggest factor. Also, want a system which is easy to install without a lot of customization involved. TIA


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There was a guy on FB Big Dog Chopper's page selling a set but it might be gone. You have to look as the BDM was bent specifically to clear the RSD and the bracket was specific as well.

Guy Camacho

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I’m looking for a set too: RHD with a 300 tire , if you guys out there that knows a shop that makes one
let me know, thanks

Guy Camacho

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Cool thanks for the reply , can I see a picture before I make you an offer , and are you willing to ship it to Hawaii ?


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Not sure if these Supertrapp 2 into 1 pipes from my right side drive 300 tire Big Bear Chopper Sled Pro Street 300 would fit a Big Dog, right side drive with a 300 tire? The engine on the Sled is an S&S Smooth 100. Lots of knowledgeable individuals on here so I thought I would ask? Replaced the 2 into 1 with the Frankie Serano 2 into 2 pipes, last pic.
2 into 1 Sled.jpgK9 and Sled with 2 into 1 pipes.jpg2014-08-14 15.45.52 SLED.jpg