10 years

10 years down.

I'm sitting here and thinking about what that means to me and Big Dog Biker. That's a long time, and Big Dog Biker really started in 2006 with Hot Rod Biker. The BDOG was in a death spiral do to the owner letting it die a slow death. @Raywood was helping me with Hot Rod Biker and invited the masses over, and HRB quickly became the BDM gathering spot.

I remember polling the BDM owners about a spin off sister site and the response was an overwhelming YES! It took a few months to get everything sorted out and up and running... then it became official! Big Dog Biker went live and the rest is history.

We all have helped countless Big Dog owners repair their own bikes. Truth be told, we've helped a number of professional mechanics repair Big Dogs!

We've got a great membership going on here. We've had big gatherings all around the world, since we are a true international community.We've had huge group rides, my most memorable was our Big Dog Biker group ride in Sturgis in 2010 that @Dakotabos put together. And we have the rides that @mastiffdave puts together at the BBBBQ rally in Arkansas. Now we have our 10 year party that @Biker Babe and @Mr. Wright are organizing, which should be a blast.

We've gone through different hosting companies, different forum software, different looks. The staff has received threats of physical violence up to, and including, death threats. I've had the Secret Service show up to my home and faced a federal subpoena due to a stupid political post (hence the no politics rule). We've watch a few former members self destruct right in front of us. Crazy stuff has happened here.

Despite a few negative periods in our history, I wouldn't change a thing. We just have amazing members that bring so much to the Big Dog Biker community and all of you make Big Dog Biker a real, no-shit, community.

People like to thank me but all I've done is create a place for everyone to share and meet. The people that should be thank over and over are the moderators here, @Raywood @Dakotabos @LDO @KnotSo @woodbutcher @Biker Babe.

But the bottom line will always be all of you. Members stepping up to help out and share information. Stepping in to help get a Big Dog back on the road, organizing get togethers and rides. And just hanging out here, swapping stories, sharing advice outside of Big Dogs and motorcycles... just being good damn people.

Thank you for 10 years of sharing and growing Big Dog Biker.

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That's right, I forgot about the old forum. It's crazy to sit here and think about all that has changed in my life over the last 10 years. I've known in person or via PM a lot of you guys for a long time now. Wow.

And you do deserve thanks @Tim as you've kept the rubber down, or have gotten the rubber back down, so many times over the years. If it wasn't for this, I think a lot of us would have scrapped these into some sort of Harley something a long, long time ago.

Cheers gents!
Thanks Tim and everyone else. Excellent place to hangout and share knowledge. The level of support that this site offers from its members is outstanding. And it is because of all these great members coming together as a community that help keep our beloved Dogs on the road. Thanks to all the members, the moderators, the venders, and everyone else. :old2::cheers::chopper::old2:
Everyone pretty much summed it all up, I'm not a social media guy, but this place is a place full of real people with real problems and real honest answers.. I dont know what more to ask for or say.. I have never met you Tim, which is sad considering we only live 3 hrs away from one another, but I've met quite a few others and gained a lot of knowledge and what I consider some good friends along the way! Cheers bruh!
I know how you feel. I started a guitar site in 2004 and let it go in 2014. We went from 12 members to over 1200 from all over the world. Ten years is a long time to dedicate your life to. After 10 years I felt I had nothing more to add to the site and I turned it over to a friend. It's still going on without me but I do feel a big part of my life is gone. The work we have done will go on for a long time and we can be glad that we helped so many people.

No matter what happens you can be proud of what you have accomplished. I hope you will turn the site over to another member that will keep it going so all is not lost. No amount of money is worth losing your legacy and the good you have done. Be safe my friend and may the road ahead be a smooth one...
Well, hadn't I found this site I'm not sure I'd still be riding a Big Dog -- without the people here and the information I've gleaned from so many, I would have probably had to go another route -- can't thank you enough brother.
The only other Big Dog Biker member that has been as influential in my keeping the Dog running has been Curtis, who for me has gone above and beyond when needed. (and I only learned about him from this site!)
Thank you Tim for creating something that helps folks in many ways in addition to accessing such a wealth of information.
Thanks to all of the BDB staff... You have a tough job, sometimes tougher than others.
And thanks to all the members who have generously provided so much support, and friendship.
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IMG_1112.PNG In 2004 I fell in love with a Bigdog Chopper. I bought it and will keep it til I die. I followed 2-3 sites never exploring others. Jan 4 2011, I found this site and was welcomed. i don't think any other member has owned one as long as I have. I have listened, learned and argued with y'all and have also laughed, felt your pain and sorrow. Last Sept I met more of you than ever before at Mastiffdaves. Can't wait for June so more faces can be connected to Avitar.
Not been around too long but certainly value what this group does for owners. I appreciate all that has gone into it from the moderators to the folks that contribute by sharing knowledge picked up along the way.

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