04 Big Dog Chopper

Would someone please give me some input on tranny fluid for my 04 Big Dog Chopper six speed baker. I didn't change it last and it looks like ATF coming out and it's frothy like and I bought Harley primary transmission fluid to put in. Ideas opinions please... Thanks

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Ok so next time I can do that but I have already bought HD primary tranny fluid you think this is ok for a bit? And do you know exactly how much to put in? Is it a quart?

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I hate to say but I put anout 28 oz and it's just very slightly above full reckon that's ok

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Well that's probably what was in it. You reckon it's still ok to run HD primary tranny fluid once till I can get some spectrum syn

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Big D Florida

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I like Lucas products, but have heard good things about others , as well. You'll probably get several opinions on brands. There are several threads on fluids.
Regardless of what brand you choose... PK hit on an important issue, best to go with specified amounts in each compartment, and correct your overfill.
You can pull some out with a section of rubber hose.
You can also put a plastic tube on a turkey baster to extract excess fluids/oils/spit?


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FYI, the reason everyone is telling you to make sure you have only 20oz. in the tranny is that if you overfill, it will destroy the seals from the tranny into the primary. which will allow for cross-migration of the fluids, not good. and another vote here to use either the redline or the spectro.