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Low fuel thermister-supplier?

Discussion in 'EFI Topics' started by Jwooky, Jan 27, 2014.


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    Sep 21, 2009
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    No real problems, Eric, but thought I have been dancing too close to the flame with my stock EHC pooping out in cold weather, so I bought a D O C's EHC. I understood that with the other EHC's, my Medallion speedo low fuel light and check engine light would always glow a bit, a condition Jeff corrected with D O C's EHC. Since we have to pull the tank to do the EHC change, it makes sense to change the thermistor, bcs my low fuel light is also inoperative. All Baggers are fuel injected, and when I called about a RIP kit for a fuelie, I understood they were not quite ready.
    It should be here Thursday, and I can't wait to install it. I'll take some pics and post the procedure if I can get Blacktopper to do the camera work. Jeff says it is a plug and play, but will take several hours to install, I think.
    And you know I am the best guy in the world to determine if it is foolproof (haha).
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