Is A Big Dog A 'Real' Chopper?



There is a fantasy belief by some so-called 'real bikers' that conclude if a chopper isn't made from scratch, made from different parts and wasn't created by the one who owns it, it's not considered a genuine chopper.

The tale also concludes that nobody can build it for you and that riding a chopper you didn't build is the ultimate example of a fraud, also saying that the majority of riders don't even know what a chopper is.

The delusion is if you didn't make it yourself it's a rip off and you are a poser because you bought (but mostly because you could afford), a production made chopper.

Whenever I come across these people and I hear this type of asinine nonsense I can't help but get a feeling of nausea as these people make you want to vomit with rage...
Most people who say such things are trying to overemphasize their mechanical abilities, mostly to satiate their inferiority complex. I’ve had people talk to same crap. I just recently stripped my ridge back down to the frame and rebuild the entire bike. including a 140 inch motor, 3 inch open primary and a new wiring harness. So they can just shut their mouth’s now. Lol! Don’t worry about it man. Mouths full of word are usually a good indicator of empty minds.

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After reading threw this thread . I apologize for using
chopper in a box & off the shelf chopper to describe some bikes .
Didn't mean any disrespect . Typed before thinking again .
<------ brain fart . senior moment .