I'm almost afraid to ask.... I know the fallout is going to be HUGE!!!!

I'm almost afraid to ask this, I know I'm opening myself up to some major fallout and greif. Oh well here goes

Anyone know of any type or manufacture of a trailer hitch I can get for my 04 Mastiff. Is it even possible to install a hitch?



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I don't have anything to say that will add value to this thread....but can I request pictures when it is done?


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After you put that hitch on the back... You might as well buy a windshield to even out the front end too!!!!

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...Sorry, just .02 cents worth!!!:2thumbs:
I built a custom hitch for my 06 K9 it has worked great. I road 4500 to Sturgis and into Canada this summer, have acutely pulled it about 10,000 miles in the last year. I would recommend the Bushtech trailer because of the air ride, independent suspension. I got the Road Star model. The hitch was easy to build it mounts where the sissy bar hooks on with a hidden bracket using the tail light mounts they stay on the bike all the time, you have to look close to see them, 8 bolts and 5 minutes the hitch is on and off. I used 1" round rod for the main frame and 3/8" round rod for the gussets and 1/2" flat plate for the hitch pin. Its works great and easy to install and remove. I can cruise at any speed I want too except going into corners you have to back it down, as long as you balance your load you dont even know its back there. I have ridden in rain, mud, hail, and wind with no problems its the only way to do long trips. If I could figure out how to post pics I would. I would be more than happy to send pics directly to your email if you would like. Sorry for the lengthy email.


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Here is the thing I see... People all have there own needs and tasts.
I have needs and tasts that deffer from others on this forum.
I don't make fun of people for going there own way.
I stand up for the person willing to walk alone.
Actaually I really could not care what most of you think about the choices I make. I say If someone wants a batwing on there chopper or a hitch or a fat chick, then that's there call. I ride with guys that have very diffrent types of bikes. It's all good. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


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Just as long as your riding is what matters. I nod and throw the hand out to all riders except those punks on the scooters. They don't have to display a tag,endorsements,non Dot helmet,no insurance, no taxes paid, and ride stright down the road with a faggit looking milk crate on the back. It's always a damn sealtest milk crate. A trailer is not a bad idea, I could put a nice tool set,2 qts of mobile 1,12 pack of Icehouse,clutch cable,extra drive belt,plug kit, air cylinder,battery, a gallon of fuel, a tent, sleeping bag,and a extra helmet for the unknown. Of course you could look at Raywoods packing techniques and put it all on the rear fender and triple trees. Good Luck Man!


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I was just giving you a hard time! :cheers: :2thumbs:

To each their own. I have had people tell me that they don't care for the things done to my bike or the paint. But I don't care, it is what I want and what I like.

Good luck with finding a hitch, post some pics when you get it all figured out. If you have no luck, let me know, I am pretty good at designing parts.


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Get a patent for this setup, you will make a fortune,