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Hey everyone
Yes its true - Finally !
After about a two year project with help from many of you
my bike is up and running. I can't tell you how I felt to hear
it come to life and take that maiden voiage around the lake.
The S&S has alot more pep than the twin cam I've been riding.
The Baker shifts real smooth and the Pro clutch is a dream.
The V&H Big Radious 2 In2 2 has a awsome bark.
It took quite a while to loose that grin off my face.A few friends
were taking pictures and cheering me on.I still can't beleive it.
I would like to thank everyone who helped me out with info,pics & parts.
Just to name a few Moe,Ryan,Dan E.,Staffy, Bob from BDM ,Jim, Lena,Irish,Hosh,Pete,Bill,Mikie V. from Twin Tech & of coarse Biker Babe ( The pic of her with her Chopper is forever etched in my mind )I'm sorry if I didn't didn't mention everyone you know who you are.
I would like to E mail someone a few pics to post for me.As I'm on dial up
and can't figure it out !
Thank you all. Tim ( proud BDB member )
Sent Brew a few pics-Please read on - He will post for me. Dial up in the sticks of Catskill Mnts.
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Congratulations....:cheers::cheers::2thumbs: What lake might u be taking about?

Dialup? you holding out till something better comes out? :roll::roll:
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Your efforts paid off. Congratulations on finishing your project. Now you can get out and enjoy that motorcycle. Have a great time and ride safe.


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Fantastic! I hope you enjoy your build as much as I have mine (which is very similar - 2004 motor and drive train and lots of BDM parts.

Enjoy and Congrats (I know how much work it was!)



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Thanks everyone
I would like to post some pics
Please PM Me with an E mail address
I will send a few to you to put in my post



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:eek:Dial up! And I thought I lives in the woods


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Thanks everyone
The story gets even better !
I zooked out all last last week getting her ready for the
local Rally Catskill Mtn Thunder East Duram NY.
I entered her in the show got alot of compliments and won FIRST PLACE CHOPPER !
Unbeleivable !
Brew is going to post a few pics today
Oh yea Today is my birthday a young 47.
What a weekend I had.
Once again thank you everyone Tim


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:cheers: :2thumbs: Happy Birthday. Congrats on getting her running and winning first place, now let's see some pics. :yesnod::yesnod::yesnod: