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Edlebrock/TP Engineering High Performance Heads.

Discussion in 'Motor' started by Tanqueray Ed, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Tanqueray Ed

    Tanqueray Ed New Member

    Aug 5, 2017
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    Daytona Florida
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    2002 Big Dog Wolf with 124 S&S
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    For sale 90CC TP Engineering/Edlebrock Heads. Renewed by TP Engineering at a cost of $500. New springs, valve guides, valves and milling. Around 2,000 miles on heads after renewal. Has compression releases. Heads came on Big Dog Wolf Bike which I purchased new. If you are reading this you know about Big Dog's quality control problems, etc. Needs new valves due to crank pink shattering and out of timing condition.
    I replaced with S&S 124 CI engine. I like these heads and was going to put them on S&S 124, but S&S 124 has different bolt pattern. 2nd thought was to purchase BIG DOG Pro Sport and put these heads on the Pro Sport but did not get around due to health problems. Never any detonation with these heads. TP used these heads on 107, 114 and 124 CI engines. Had them on 114 CI TP motor which would beat the S&S 124 to around 80MPH (my seat of the pants guess, etc)

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