2008 Pitbull for sale.



8BD74D15-98A4-4114-AE57-7FAF36C353AD.jpeg 796119B6-A20E-4BF2-8C02-E0208A1910E9.jpeg 4B0A8236-6DDC-43EB-B873-95039156D55B.jpeg 65186A9B-67C1-4935-A4DD-053B91F08557.jpeg Selling my 2008 Pitbull. It has 6,456 miles on it. I upgraded the EHC with the RIP Gen 2. Front and rear tires have 2,356 miles on them. I have also replaced both compression releases a couple of months ago. All fluids have been recently changed. Comes with pillion pad, sissy bar and luggage rack. I would like to see this bike go to someone who really appreciates Big Dogs. I would also be willing to deliver it to whoever buys it (with in reason of course). $15,000. For more information text or call (936)465-6969.


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Good luck on the sale. Clean looking ride.