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2005 Big dog chopper rewire

Discussion in 'Technical' started by clay5769, Jun 25, 2015.

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    Jan 20, 2016
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    Hi Clayton,

    I just have seen the thread. In fact, there are plenty of electronicboxes on the market, what can control the whole bike. The prices are between 150,- (H-Box or Brainbox) up to 380,- (Motogadget M-Unit or F-Box). However, all control units will reduce the numbers of cables in the harness compare to a normal wiring. However, a change or rebuild of a harness will cost between 12 and 20 hours as my experience. The disadvantage of the most after market control units is, that they have no cables to the speedo indicator led´s and there are still a few power cables between handle bar and frame, what make the harness ba bit bigger.

    I just work on a digital harness, what contains 2 small electronic boxes, what are connected with a serial bus together. This will reduce the number of cables and will make the wiring faster. I attach the diagram as pdf. I think, that this concept will be a bit easier compare to the other after market electronicbox solutions. Let´s see...

    However, bike electronic is not complicated and I still like the pic what I have found in a forum last year:

    so ging das auch mal.jpg

    All the best!

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